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                  ANDREINA ISAAC

Our founder was born and raised in sunny Venezuela. About 15 years ago, she left to go to school and live abroad. Years later, while working for Macy's private brands organization in New York, Isaac realized she really enjoyed being part of the fashion industry and all the give back initiatives they participated in. At that time, her husband's company transferred him to London, UK , so she decided to follow her lifelong dream and start her own journey. After becoming a mother in 2015, her perspective of the world changed completely, and more than ever, she wanted to use business as a platform to help others in need. Being a full-time mom and entrepreneur has quite a few challenges, but she still thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot  





Everything started in Brooklyn, NY, but moving to Europe helped her gain endless inspiration from the most renowned travel destinations, fashion trade shows, department stores and vintage boutiques. She wanted to create products based on customer feedback, so talking to people in airports, tubes, train stations, you name it, became critical to gain some insights into what the on-the-go person needs are. Although not a designer, she would take back all this feedback to her kitchen table and start sketching what these products would actually look like, sourcing quality textiles, hardware, and other materials. Part of the job required her to travel across Europe, make friends in the industry and knock on many doors of small factories to see who could help her bring the Brooklyn collection to life.




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