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Published at: Mar 14, 2019

Ciao bellas!! I’ve made it a goal of mine in 2019 to eat more plant-based meals and so far, it’s been easier than I thought! When you hear plant-based you don’t necessarily think of pasta, but OG Italian food company Barilla is really changing the game! Case and point their Chickpea Rotini,  which is made with just 1 ingredient – yup that’s right, chickpeas (Chickpea Casarecce, Red Lentil Rotini and Red Lentil Penne also available)!! This pasta is gluten free and loaded with protein and fiber, so it’s perfect for those who are trying to find alternatives for a healthier diet.

I love the idea of incorporating chickpeas into my diet because not only are they a great source of fiber & protein, they’re also filled with iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamins C, B-6, K and the list goes on! Probably my favorite health benefit of chickpeas is that they contain choline, which helps with sleep, memory, muscle movement and to reduce inflammation! All of that from some chickpeas?! Who knew a plant-based diet could both taste and feel so good!!

To make this chickpea pasta a little more fun, I decided to pair it with another excellent source of fiber and protein – white beans!! If you didn’t already know, white beans are typical in Italian dishes and when mixed with tomato, garlic, parsley and olive oil, your mouth will literally start watering as you’re cooking them! Don’t be afraid of getting creative in the kitchen and adding pinches and dashes of your favorite seasonings to your plant-based pasta; add a little flare and make it exciting!

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