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5 Healthy Skin Tips To Keep You Looking Your Best When Travelling

Published at: Mar 18, 2019

When you travel frequently, it can be hard to keep up with your healthy skin and hair regime. Those early morning wake up calls; long distance flights and airport stress can start to take its toll. At Cerana, we totally get it. We love to look our best and feeling great when we step off a plane we want to be ready after a long journey or for that last-minute meeting. Here are our 5 healthy skin  secrets that we swear by and keep us looking fresh when we’re travelling around the world:



This has to be number one. Skin dries up more than the Sahara Desert in an air-conditioned plane cabin leaving your skin looking drained and dull. To prevent your skin shrivelling up like a prune, use a hyaluronic acid serum for some serious moisture like Medik8 Hydr8 B5, £40 before getting on the plane to provide an instant boost to your skin’s hydration levels. Whilst on the plane, be sure to keep applying a moisturising balm like S.W Basics Organic Lip Balm, $5.98 on your lips to prevent them from cracking. Before landing, use a tinted moisturiser like award winning Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, £34 to give you that fresh, sunny glow.

S.W. Basics Orvanic Lip Balm



Travel and stress can leave your eyes puffy and tired which is not a good look to be going for when you have that important meeting to attend straight after your flight. Take these travel friendly collagen face masks on board with you to restore moisture, regenerate skin cells and restore firmness to your skin. We love Elemis Travel Pro-Collagen Marine Mask, £17.80 which only needs ten minutes to work its magic before being easily wiped off with a damp cloth.



If there were only one thing we could take on a desert island, it would be this magical product. Not only does it smell amazing, coconut oil can be used for almost anything! It’s a great moisturiser for your skin, it promotes thicker and shinier hair, be used as a makeup remover and it’s a great after sun product that soothes sore skin. We don’t leave the country without Coconut Merchant Raw Organic Extra Virgin Oil, £1.99.


Raw Merchant Coconut Oil



We all know that the best thing you can do to keep hydrated is to drink water. But travelling to countries where safe water doesn’t come out of the tap, can be a barrier when we’re trying to reach our water drinking goals. Introducing the water filter bottle that filters out all the nastiness and makes it safe for you to drink water from pretty much anywhere. We love LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle, $44.95 because not only does it protect us from chemicals and bacteria or that is has been tested all over the globe, but because it gives back. One purchase equals one year of clean water for one child.




Are you one of those people who is so in love with their own bed that when it comes to sleeping in hotel beds, sleep doesn’t come easy no matter how comfy they are? If we don’t get our recommended 7-8 hours sleep, we feel groggy, lethargic and unable to concentrate the next day. To help you drift off, use pillow sprays that are proven to induce a deep sleep leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning. ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 250ml, £33 is one of our favourites. With every purchase, they donate £1 to Shelter (homelessness charity). They also offer a free travel size pillow spray with orders over £30 so they got you covered on the airplane too!


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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  • Marie Jules: April 06, 2019

    Loveee all these tips !!! so useful for my travels !

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